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When Aoibhinn was born she didn’t have a  diagnosis. She hascortical visual impairment (where her eyes do not connect withher brain), epilepsy, global development delay and at the earlystages we were told she would be quadriplegic. A tough pathway.

We gave Aoibhinn her own diagnosis – called AH – which stands for Absolute Hope. ChildVision met Aoibhinn in this world – a world of absolute hope and ambition, and they have become Aoibhinn’s front row. We have never met a more specialised team, enabling Aoibhinn not just to meet, but to exceed her potential. Wherever Aoibhinn is on her journey, the team at ChildVision meet her there. Through Equine Assisted Therapy, Aoibhinn has made some profound leaps. When Aoibhinn is working with Fred, her horse and friend, she is in a space where she connects to her wholeness. The connection is visceral, the stress is taken away and Aoibhinn lives and thrives in the moment – in that freedom her development is unlocked. She is now walking, more vocal, sleeping, and has started school – these are some of the things we were told Aoibhinn would never do – but thanks to Equine Assisted Therapy Aoibhinn’s diagnosis of Absolute Hope is proving itself to be the right one.

Caitriona Breslin

Aoibhinn’s Mum

Thursday 28th April 2022

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