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Orientation and Mobility

It is difficult to imagine/know how a child with little or no vision is going to be able to manage to move around, walk, run and play like other children.

It all starts with encouraging your child to move their arms and legs, and explore the space around them, perhaps by putting a brightly coloured or noisy toy just outside their reach. At ChildVision our specially trained mobility teachers help them make those first moves or that first unaccompanied journey that has been so carefully navigated and practiced. With or without a cane we will improve and give your child the best chance at successful mobility.

We like to celebrate cane use – watch the video below to see how happy our young people are to use their canes.

Laura, one of our orientation and mobility specialists has put together a series of videos to help with tips for O&M. Click below to view video series.

Orientation & Mobility - Pre Cane Skills