ChildVision is creating a National Equine Assisted Therapy Centre, for blind, multi-disabled and neurodiverse children. A world-class facility where they can access our globally recognised equine therapeutics. To learn more and be part of the vision click here
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Enabling hope.
Envisioning possibilities.

Envisioning possibilities for children and families
facing complex disability and sight loss.

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Richard's Story

"ChildVision gave us
our family back."

- Brigid Richards’ mum.

“It was like a jigsaw and none of the pieces were
fitting together. When he came to ChildVision, they fitted.”
- Brigid, Richard’s mum

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Freya's Story

"ChildVision have such warm
hearts that help you find a way"

Sara – Freya’s mum

"When despair is stopping everything else, ChildVision
are like a family with such expertise and warm hearts
that help you find a way.”
- Sara, Freya’s mum

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Georgia's Story

"Georgia has blossomed,
the work here is immense."

George - Georgia’s Grandad

"She senses her pathways in familiar and unfamiliar surroundings...
I put all of it down to ChildVision – firmly in my heart – and the people
who donate to make it possible.”
- George, Georgia’s grandad

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Just because we can’t see the stars
doesn’t mean we can’t reach for them.

Just because our children can’t see the stars,
doesn’t mean they can’t reach for them.


At ChildVision, we look beyond the challenges faced every day by children and young people with visual impairment and complex disabilities.

We help families find heartfelt connection, a new pathway, and to see the potential for their children and young people. We believe every child should have every opportunity to live their very brightest future.

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What we do

Our students learn how to cope with a noisy, busy world. Step-by-step, day-by-day every child at ChildVision is discovering new things they can achieve and do.

Creating a National Equine Assisted Therapy Centre

Partner with us in delivering the National Equine Assisted Therapy Centre. ChildVision has already committed almost 25% of the funds (€500,000) to this development and our focus now is on raising the remaining funds from individuals, companies and philanthropic partners.

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