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ChildVision is recognised throughout Europe and beyond as a leader in the field of sight loss and complex disabilities All our staff are encouraged to engage in research programmes and European projects with other sight loss service providers. Many of our staff present at conferences worldwide. We provide training opportunities for parents and professionals and conduct research and present conferences on a regular basis.


Parents Courses

Throughout the year we host regular sessions for parents on accessing and understanding entitlements as well as practical hands-on workshops on mobility, adaptive technology, feeding and other topics relating to the needs of visually impaired children with multiple disabilities.

Professional Courses

Throughout the year ChildVision hosts informative sessions and practical workshops for professionals in the field of visual impairment. We also provide the following Professional Courses:

Learn Braille Course INBAF Approved

Click on the link above for ‘Learn Braille’ Course for details.


Continual research and professional development is a highly valued part of the ethos of ChildVision and encouraged for all members of staff. As the profile of disabilities our young people present with grows ever more complex, our staff use their learning to participate in research projects, both on an individual basis and with professional peers in a European setting as part of MDVIEuronet. This research helps us innovate and react with agility to adapt our services to meet the needs of our ever changing student profile.

Below is a link to commissioned research and some research by staff.

Research documents

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ChildVision host conferences, National and International on the subject of sight loss and multiple disabilities. In recent years we have been hosts of the International Council for Education and Rehabilitation of People with Visual Impairment and the International Mobility Conference.

In 2022 ChildVision as part of the Visually Impaired Service Providers Alliance (VISPA) was host to Vision 2022.

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