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Here are some helpful information videos about our therapies and
assessment services, we will help you and your child every step of the way.

Term Time Living for
ChildVision students

Available from Sunday evening to Friday evening in our 5 residential houses, which are all situated locally. It gives students, ranging in age from 10 to 25 years, the chance to develop independent living skills.

Speech and Language
Therapy at ChildVision

The Speech and Language Therapy Team aims to support your child’s communication development. We focus on what your child CAN do and work from there. All assessment and therapy is unique to each child.

Physiotherapy Services
at ChildVision

The Physiotherapy Team will help develop your child’s physical development right from the time they are toddlers right through to their teenage years. We use fun, play based therapy to get the best results.

Occupational Therapy
Services at ChildVision

Whether it be buttoning a shirt, using the toilet, or engaging with toys, Occupational Therapists help each child build basic yet vital skills to help them participate fully in all aspects of their daily life.

Family Services and Outreach
Services at ChildVision

ChildVision looks after the vision assessment of all children and young people in Ireland aged 0-25. Our therapists, education specialists, and nurses will all meet with you and your child to discover what sight and other abilities he or she does have, and how we can help make the most of it.