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Our corporate partners share with us, the vision and aspiration to make a life changing impact on young people in Ireland who have sight loss and complex needs. With our compassion, innovation, and dedication, we support over 2,500 children and families annually, providing opportunities for them to embrace therapies, education, and term-time living. Whether you’re a company or an individual, we offer charitable giving support, on-campus team building, and volunteering opportunities.

Join us in making a life-changing impact on the lives of our young people. Consider setting up a Corporate Charity Programme to support our crucial work or participate in our impactful Corporate Team Days… there are so many ways to share our journey.

We welcome you to become part of our vision for a more inclusive world.

What our corporate supporters say

Cadbury Foundation | Sustainability through Expertise

Our partnership with ChildVision is about helping others to help themselves, a direct reflection of the Cadbury Foundation ethos. The Cadbury Foundation is fully behind the core future needs and sustainability of this magical place and our ethos has enabled us to help charities across Ireland and has also inspired our employees to share their time and skills with the communities around them.

Across everything we do, opportunity and growth are what we want to ensure for the children, young adults and their families in ChildVision now and far into the future. This has meant that we have made ourselves
part of the fabric to streamline funding and strategic support to deliver the brightest possible future. Our employees welcome the opportunity to be involved in the ChildVision volunteering programs. Being involved gives individuals an opportunity to work within cross functional teams, while exposing them to experience in a different sector and ways of working. Our two way partnership with Childvision ensures that all our participants benefit from the projects, their business skills are appreciated and developed while at the same time aiding Childvision with its current and future services.

We recently turned our attention to a feasibility study for ChildVision’s new Hydrotherapy Centre, one that they have gone on to present to a key donor. We have helped to pioneer the Shredding Project on site, where VI and MDVI students do a job that full-sighted people were not designed to do – to shred highly confidential documents for organisations who connect with this groundbreaking social enterprise. And we’re not stopping there – we are currently working on a plan to scale this innovation to offer it to all Irish companies to collaborate.

Eoin Kellett
Managing Director, Mondelez Ireland and Cadbury Fondation

Mason Hayes & Curran | Powering Learning for Visually Impaired

One of our CSR goals is to support education, by providing funding and other resources to causes who promote awareness about education for the disadvantaged. We believe in the shared value approach, where the success of both our business and the community in which we operate are connected. So it is gratifying to be able to contribute to ChildVision and in particular to the essential IT infrastructure of their library as it exemplifies the best of what technology can offer.

Once the children have developed their solid braille skills they can then access so much more on digital braille displays, note takers and braille tablets. We have also been honoured to provide work experience opportunities for ChildVision students, which has opened our eyes to the accessibility developments needed within our own environment. ChildVision offer fantastic support to enhance the lives of their students and we are proud to be involved.

Declan Black
Managing Partner, Mason, Hayes & Curran

Transitions Optical | The Business of Vision

Transitions Optical’s collaboration with ChildVision is all about helping people realise their potential. There are many parallels between our organisations – we are both in the business of Vision.

From our first meeting with Brian and his entire team at Child Vision, we were moved by their unrelenting commitment to help kids with visual and sensory challenges see a brighter future. ChildVision’s commitment to get the best outcomes for every child and teenager that walks through their doors resonated with us as an organisation.

The mission for our business and that of the Essilor-Luxottica corporate group is improving lives by improving sight. We believe that good vision is a basic human right and this mission drives our strategy and guides our actions. The foundation stone that underpins and helps our business grow is our people. We work hard to include, engage with and develop every employee that walk through our doors every day. We want our employees to leverage their talents, build their skills, overcome their inhibitions and fulfil their potential. Working with Childvision has been a great vehicle for us to deliver on our mission and watch our employees learn, grow and have fun.

Our early interactions with Childvision prompted a team-building venture to climb Croagh Patrick which resulted in a modest level of financial support. Our interventions have now evolved where we have deployed our technical specialists in automation and flow management to support ChildVision with their Braille book-printing facility, their shredding enterprise, developing educational tools, etc.

Like the kids in ChildVision, our teams are experiencing new pathways for learning and we are getting the opportunity to live our mission. To allow us to make that happen, we are humbled by and grateful to all the team at Childvision (users, parents and staff).

Ken McInerney
Global engineering & Technology platform director

Scope | Irish Healthcare and Eyecare

Scope is a family run Irish Healthcare and Eyecare business operating across Ireland the UK and USA. Scope aims to constantly exceed the expectations of their healthcare partners, patients and their people by bringing them together to achieve the extraordinary.

As part of Scope’s Corporate Social Responsibility, they aim to make a difference in the quality of life of children with sight loss. Scope teamed up with ChildVision in 2018 as the companies charity of choice in Ireland and they continue to support our mission.

Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick
CSR Manager

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