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Your donation has just changed the life of a disabled blind child, here in Ireland.

The feeling of grass beneath your feet. The warmth of sunshine on your face. The excitement of a good book, or the confidence and pride that comes from learning to do something all for yourself. A laugh with friends and family.

Life’s richest colours can’t always be seen. They are felt with the human heart.

And today your generous heart brings a world of hope and joy and promise to children in Ireland who face big disabilities and scary diagnoses, all while their sight is gone or slowly disappearing.

Because of you, special standers and walkers and therapy will help them to walk and reach and stand and do.

Because of you, tiny fingers will learn to feel for a book’s bumpy braille dots.

Because of you, blind children will grow to be confident and capable, to the very best of their abilities.

Despite rare disorders. Despite daunting diseases. Despite sight loss.

And all because you took a chance, and believed in the life of a blind child.

Shortly via email, we’ll send an official record of your incredibly kind donation. But if you ever have questions or want to tour the work you support, ring us on 01 837 3635.

We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you.