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“Beating the odds again, the first conversation Lucy had of her own volition, was on horseback.”

Lucy was diagnosed with a rare condition, with just 23
documented cases in the world. ‘Micro-deletion of Chromosome
6’ means developmental delays, compromised organs, heart problems
and less ability to speak. Lucy also has severe hip dysplasia.

We were told that Lucy would never walk or attend a normal school. Then we met ChildVision. They immediately recommended Equine Therapy. Using the mechanical movement of the horse Lucy’s core strength built up to a point where her surgeon, despite only 2 out of 5 leading orthopaedic colleagues agreeing due to risk, was able to proceed with an operation which could enable her to walk. In December, Lucy walked around the corner of the hospital to surprise her surgeon after the operation – he had only ever seen Lucy in a wheelchair. He matched Lucy’s tenacity and determination built up by Equine Therapy. Beating the odds again, the first full conversation Lucy instigated herself, was on horseback. She saw a horse-box and asked ‘Is that where the horses go on holiday?’’. Her therapist turned 360 degrees to capture this moment, which I was also able to witness. Lucy is now due to start at school in September, breaking down a third barrier. Lucy’s drive, managed and amplified by the team and the horses at hildVision, means she is on a completely different pathway thanks to the game-changing power of Equine Therapy.

Diane Hayles

Lucy’s Mum

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