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After being handed a diagnosis of “the worst case of optic nerve hypoplasia” their doctor had ever seen, Freya’s family desperately needed a way forward. they found it in ChildVision.

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The picture Sara paints is a beautiful one, and her eyes sparkle with emotion. “I watch Freya, who turns five next month, making her way around the rooms. She walks a lot in her bare feet at home, listening to the floors and the rugs and the different sounds they make in each room. She uses the Acousticsto find the things she wants.”

And as Freya finds her footing, her mum Sara recalls the family’s parallel journey.

Never in a million years did Sara and her partner Wes imagine sitting in a doctor’s office just weeks after Freya was born, and hearing their baby would never see. “Wes asked the doctor, ‘Will she need glasses?’ He said, ‘No, she won’t. She’s blind.’ It’s impossible to understand. One moment you’re deciding which buggy to buy, and the next it’s irrelevant.”

The doctor explained that Freya had the worst case of optic nerve hypoplasia he’d ever seen.  And as the months ticked by and Wes and Sara watched other children meet milestone after milestone, they couldn’t help but compare. “All I can remember is the shock and the hurt and the worry,” Sara confesses.

Then the family found ChildVision, and with it, a community that your generosity makes possible. “We finally found ‘our place’ ”, shares Sara. “It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Everyone had different stories, but we were all here for the same reason. Everything was so thought out”.

After a long, hard road, the family finally – at last – found their footing. “Today,” she smiles, “Freya started primary school in her school uniform with her cane in hand. Through ChildVision she’s thrived in a way I would never have expected. She’s brave and careful, and so easy going. Freya became our cure. She just wouldn’t be the child she is today if she’d never come to ChildVision.”

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