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Care Staff, Gentili House

Eibhlis has been part of the ChildVision social  care team for the  past  four  years and team leader for one. Ever since she spent time here back in 2007, she always knew she’d  return.

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“There is something magical about ChildVision. There is huge kindness. Everybody helps each other. And the  fun,” she smiles. “There is always fun  and the  happiness and needs of our  students are always central. It’s not because we need to tick boxes or because a rule says so. We care deeply for colleagues, the  students, and the  organisation.”

It’s one  reason why, starting age ten, many students choose to stay on  campus during the  school week. “Sometimes vision loss is the  least  of the  hurdles students face. Here,  everyone accepts each other.” Currently, she adds, there are three students at Gentili House with visual impairments and multiple other disabilities who have really  complex medical needs – in addition to the  other students who stay on.  Either way, it’s their home, so help is here round the  clock. “Myself  and my team are really grateful for 24-hour nursing support during the  week,” she nods.

“At this  time of year, it’s busy!  We get prescriptions and care plans up to date, intimate care,  linking in with vocational and lifelong learning, with teams and assessments together for each student.  This year there’s extra excitement because we’re moving to new  accommodation, and looking forward to our  new  home!”

But no matter where the  residential students hang their hats and canes, one  thing is always true. “We have an open house policy in ChildVision. That’s why family and friends of our students are always welcome. My hope for the  new  school year is to have the  resources to meet the  needs of all our students, keeping them healthy and happy and one  step closer to each child’s best shot at independence.”

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