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Enabler Socket+

(UK Version)


A "Plug and Play" device that allows you to turn on/off your household appliances and switch adapted devices using the Control USB or by means of an external standard 3.5mm switch. Use the Enabler Socket+ to control electrical appliances like lights, heaters, fans, kitchen appliances, stereos, etc. and with the switch output you can also activate switch adapted cameras, toys and any other devices with a switch input. Product Description
  • Activate with the Control USB to control electrical devices or switch adapted toys.
  • Use a standard switch control electrical devices or switch adapted toys.
  • Choose from three operating modes: ON/OFF, latched and timed.
  • 'Plug and Play" device: no installation needed.
  • Connect up to 16 different Enabler Socket+ in your environment to control 16 different devices with Control USB.
  • Radio frequency system that works through walls and other obstacles.

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