ChildVision is creating a National Equine Assisted Therapy Centre, for blind, multi-disabled and neurodiverse children. A world-class facility where they can access our globally recognised equine therapeutics. To learn more and be part of the vision click here

Give the gift of tomorrow with your pledge of €21 or more monthly to a blind child at ChildVision, and you will guide a boy or girl through the years, birth through aged 23. From their days as an infant in Ireland’s only fully integrated crèche and pre-school for visually impaired children right through the transition years in our vocational education programme, you will bring them a far brighter future in a sighted world – a world that, without your help this Christmas, could remain forever out of reach. Please help if you can.

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Each year ChildVision touch the lives of over 2,400 families in Ireland who have children with sight loss, many with daunting disabilities. So that the greatest number of children can benefit from your kindness today, ChildVision combines your Gift of Joy and Generosity with those of other caring people like yourself towards the full scope of our work. If a particular gift is oversubscribed, we will ensure that your donation goes wherever it is needed most. Please also know that while our stories sincerely represent the mission of, and children at, ChildVision, we do change names and details where necessary to protect the privacy of our extraordinary children and the equally extraordinary families who love them. Thank you so much.

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