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Purchase from our wellbeing range of soaps and oils, made onsite by the students, click here to see the care and love that is put in to each bar of soap.

CanDo Soap

Our soap is made from natural ingredients and we never use palm oil. It is full of good stuff like coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and we fragrance it with 100% essential oils, never with chemical fragrances. They are lovingly made by hand from start to finish using a cold process method, they take 4 weeks to cure and are then beveled and packaged ready for their new home.

Doggie Soap

Our doggie soap is full of coconut oil, lavender and tea tree to make your pooch’s coat and skin silky soft. Perfect for long or short haired breeds – once you have tried this you will never go back to liquid shampoos!

Balms and Oils


Each year ChildVision touch the lives of over 2,400 families in Ireland who have children with sight loss, many with daunting disabilities. So that the greatest number of children can benefit from your kindness today, ChildVision combines your Gift of Joy and Generosity with those of other caring people like yourself towards the full scope of our work. If a particular gift is oversubscribed, we will ensure that your donation goes wherever it is needed most. Please also know that while our stories sincerely represent the mission of, and children at, ChildVision, we do change names and details where necessary to protect the privacy of our extraordinary children and the equally extraordinary families who love them. Thank you so much.

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