When Gráinne first landed in ChildVision’s vocational education programme three years ago, she made her intentions clear.

A stroke had left her blind and with numerous health problems. Epilepsy made her prone to seizures. But Gráinne wasn’t there to complain. She was there to regain what independence she could.

Bolstered by your generosity Gráinne has done just that. In technical skills classes, she learned to make her own lunch. On-campus training improved her mobility skills to where she and her instructor would do the weekly shopping for one of our residential houses. And she jumped into every work placement with both feet, from the greenhouse to caring for the animals… just don’t ask how she feels about ChildVision’s resident turkey!


Loved for her quick wit, great sense of humour, and passion for sparkly jewellery, 22-year-old Gráinne graduated this year from ChildVision’s vocational education programme… a loyal friend who will be missed by all.

Gráinne graduated in June 2015

UPDATE It is with great sadness that we regret to say Grainne passed away in 2017.

Grainne graduates.

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